Q: Is there a way you can have the comics on one page? It's annoying clicking through each to find one.
A: There is! Just click on the Archive Page in the Menu to get a list of links to each comic!

Q: Why isn't there a comment box under each comic? That would be easier.
A: I agree, it would. However, the only HTML code I found automatically made comments that were full of spam. If you can find any CLEAN code, let me know!

Q: Why does the URL have "weebly" in it?
A: In order to have a free domain, it's required. I could make the site just cellz.com or so, but I don't really have the money. Plus, I can't sell merchandise here or it would violate CAS rules.

Q: What is CAS?
A: CAS stands for Creativity, Action, Service. Basically, the IB program at my school (think of that as an international AP) requires we do a certain number of hours in each of those three categories. This site will be used to fulfill the Creativity hours. However, I plan on continuing the site afterwards. :D